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SlideSource at the 2016 Presentation Summit

We are very excited to announce that we will be participating in the 2016 edition of Rick Altman’s Presentation Summit taking place in October 23rd to the 26th in Las Vegas.

blog post imageYear in and year out, the Presentation Summit provides an amazing slate of speakers guaranteed to up the game of anyone involved in creating presentations at any level, in any industry. This year’s lineup is particularly notable due to the presence of the illustrious and massively talented Nancy Duarte (Slide:ology, Resonate, Illuminate).

No other conference comes even close to the Summit in providing high-impact learning experiences. You will also have an opportunity to network with a uniquely knowledgeable and generous community. is proud be a Gold Sponsor this year so we will have a table in the exhibitor area and our own Bob Befus will be sharing a few words before Tuesday’s General Session.

If you already plan on attending and would like to schedule a personal demonstration of, email us at

We look forward to seeing you there.



A Photo Recap of the 2015 Presentation Summit

Last week, I was part of the team that traveled to New Orleans to participate in the premier annual gathering of presentation professionals: Rick Altman’s Presentation Summit.

Bob Befus and I learned from the diverse array of presenters, designers, vendors, and PowerPoint gurus that the Summit attracts each year. We greeted scores of attendees at our exhibition booth and shared freely the only cure for Presentitis. Bob gave a talk about the content management challenges that presentation files create for many organizations. I documented the week’s activities, in real time, in words and pictures on social media.

What follows is a photographic recap of most of the activities we participated in, some of which didn’t make it to our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feeds. Do you have any memories of the Summit that you would like to share? Please feel free to do so in the comments.


Welcome Sign

This must be the place. The meeting venue (Astor Crowne Plaza) is right at the very gateway to one of the most storied stretches of American real estate — Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street in the Rain

My first glimpse of said real estate. No one should expect a place with Bourbon Street’s reputation to look particularly energetic or exciting so early on a rainy Sunday morning.

Conference central.

The registration desk at Conference Central – The calm before the storm.

Opening reception and Help Center.

That’s more like it. The welcome reception was well attended. In the foreground to the right you’ll see the world famous Help Center. The place to ask the experts any and all technical questions.

microsoft team

The Microsoft team being good sports during a little good-natured ribbing about some of PowerPoint’s less favored behaviors and features.

Mother's Restaurant

Mother’s Restaurant. A must see when in New Orleans. So much history, so much great food.


Nigel Holmes kicked things off with an opening keynote about using humor in presentations.

Nigel Holmes kicked things off with an opening keynote about using humor in presentations.

Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson held a terrific interactive session that hashed out, with the help of his audience, attributes of excellent speakers.

Alexander Hanauer

Carpe Minutam! (Seize the (first) minute). Alexander Hanauer talked about how crucial the first minute of a presentation can be. Speakers don’t need to fight for audience attention in the first minute, they already have it but but they often waste it.

Dr Carmen Simon

Dr. Carmen Simon’s keynote reminded us that “we stay in business to the extent that people remember us,” and suggested that we ask ourselves if our slides and the way we present “are making it possible for people to look away.” This is important because attention is crucial to memory.

Troy Chollar

Troy Chollar showed how being even a few tiny pixels out of place can make a huge difference when misaligned elements are projected on the big screen. You don’t want any careless or unintended design flaws to distract the audience from your message.

PPT Trivia

Rick MCing the Great PowerPoint Trivia Contest.

LiveSlides Demo

The LiveSlides team giving an impressive demonstration of one of the more practical applications of their product.


My favorite Trivia Challenge category: Shut Up, Already! In other words (see what I did there), a rousing, high-energy game of PowerPoint Charades.

Guru Session - Garr Reynolds

A little later, Ric Bretschneider MCed the late-night guru session. Garr Reynolds joined us from his office in Japan.

Guru Session - John Wilson

Then John Wilson demonstrated some software tools he developed that fix many of the things about PowerPoint that drive all of us crazy. Dubbed “Leah’s Fixes,” they were made available to Summit attendees for a donation to a fundraising effort John is supporting. His revision to PowerPoint’s align function is amazingly useful. The audience was eager to get their hands on the entire tool set. Contact John for more information about how to get the tools for yourself.

Guru Session - Microsoft Team

The guru session wrapped up with the Microsoft PowerPoint team demonstrating some of the new features of PPT 2016 and answering questions until everyone in the room was exhausted and ready to call it a day — just after midnight.


Exhibit Hall Setup

Tuesday morning started early with the exhibitors setting up their spaces for The Expo.

SlideSource Expo Booth

This was my favorite.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki’s much anticipated keynote kicked off Wednesday’s activities. With a title like that, you darn well better get a standing ovation at the end of your presentation. My favorite quote: “A pictures is worth a thousand words. A good demo is worth a thousand slides.”

Guy looking for slide

Guy had a little trouble tracking down a slide he wanted to share with us. Hmmm. I bet SlideSource could have helped him with that.

SlideSource giveaway

Our extremely popular expo booth giveaway. Candy-coated chocolate in pill bottles symbolizing SlideSource as the only cure for presentitis (a chronic state of frustration resulting from disorganized  presentations).


Geetesh Bajaj modeling the really cool official Summit t-shirt his company sponsored.

Keith Harmeyer

Keith Harmeyer’s afternoon keynote examined the importance of innovation. Key takeaway: In today’s world, irrelevance = extinction.

Bob Befus

Our own Bob Befus gave a presentation later that afternoon that outlined some of the reasons organizations have difficulties managing their presentation content. He also talked about how SlideSource can help with these difficulties as it was designed from the ground up to manage content that, in some ways, is never completed. His full deck is available here.


Alan Hoffler

Alan Hoffler’s keynote presentation, “What Not to Say: The 10 Dumbest Things Speakers Say,” reminded us that words can hurt. Mainly by taking the attention away from your message. Alan was also kind enough to give away the Kindle version of his provocatively titled book, Presentation Sin, free for the day. I also attended Alan’s breakout session focused on what to do when it all goes wrong during your presentation. Key take away: You have three available responses when something goes wrong. You can fix it, feature it, or forget it. You should work the problem in that order and you only feature the problem if everyone in the room is impacted.

Jonathan Schwabish

Jonathan Schwabish’s breakout session was about improving data visualizations in presentations and he showed many examples of how this can be done. My favorite idea (not counting the quote in the slide above): You don’t need to show all the data to everyone all the time.

Wow. After the last breakout session, there were still two more events – the Encore Performances and the Five Minutes Tips. We didn’t take any photos of these. The encore sessions (“Presentation Tips from the Masters” by Mike Parkinson and “Click Here, Go There” by Sandra Johnson) were, by definition, excellent. The quick tips session was a welcome respite for our severely diminished attention spans that also provided a lot of really useful information.

And so with that, we say farewell to New Orleans and 2015 Presentation Summit. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Cafe Du Monde

Au lait et beignets at the Café du Monde.

SlideSource @ CED’s Tech Venture Conference

Tech-Venture-2015-1024x410We are  pleased to announce that has been recognized as an emerging tech company to watch and has been invited to demonstrate the site at the upcoming CED Tech Venture Conference.

Taking place next month in Raleigh, North Carolina, the conference is the Southeast’s premier tech event and we are very excited about this opportunity to introduce to a dynamic gathering of the region’s entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders.

This will be a great chance for you to experience first hand how can make your presentation creation process more efficient and cost effective. We’ll post an update about where you will be able to find us in the Demo Room as soon as details are available. You can also email us at if you would like to schedule a personal demonstration.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.

SlideSource at the 2015 Presentation Summit

The team is excited to announce that we will again be participating in Rick Altman’s Presentation Summit.  This year’s Summit is taking place in New Orleans, starting on September 27th and running through the 30th.

Rick Altman, the Presentation Summit's Illustrious Host

Rick Altman, the Presentation Summit’s Illustrious Host

If your job involves creating presentations at any level, in any industry, you should consider joining us there. No other conference comes even close to the Summit in providing high-impact learning experiences. You will also have an opportunity to network with a uniquely knowledgeable and generous community. is proud be a Platinum Sponsor this year and Bob Befus will be giving a technical seminar. Details about his presentation will follow shortly.

If you are already planning on attending and would like to schedule a personal demonstration of, email us at

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Bob’s #PreSum14 Presentation: What comes first: Something to say or the need to say it?

Yesterday in San Diego, Bob Befus, one of the founders of, presented at Rick Altman’s annual Presentation Summit. His talk examined the collaborative aspects of the presentation creation process and explored how the development of strategic knowledge is often a byproduct of this process. Bob outlined how companies come to understand what they think while working out what they are going to say and how they are going to say it.

Through the lens of his experience with FDA Advisory Committee meetings, Bob illustrated how this development of strategic knowledge takes place during the highly iterative process of creating a 90 minute presentation that summarizes thousands of hours of research, along with the thousands of slides prepared for use during an exhaustive Q&A period, all with millions, or even billions, of dollars at stake.

No matter the industry or the product, PowerPoint is obviously the primary tool used to create these significant, high-stakes, strategy-making presentations. As a collaborative environment, PowerPoint has benefits as well as pitfalls which Bob outlined. He closed his talk by sharing how the search for ways to overcome the obstacles PowerPoint creates in the collaborative process led to the development of


Key slides from the presentation can be downloaded here.