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Yes, you can go back again: Version histories in SlideSource

Imagine an unwanted change was made to a PowerPoint file you are responsible for. How do you get back the version of the slide that existed before the change was made?

If the person saved right over the previous version, you’re completely out of luck and the version of the slide you want to restore is gone forever.

If they saved the presentation as a new file, you may be in better shape, but you still need to wade through and open each version of the presentation to find the one with the version of the slide you want to get back.

This scenario plays out every day in companies everywhere resulting in lost information and lost productivity.

Keeping your slides in SlideSource means you will never lose any work ever again.

SlideSource automatically retains every version of every slide in your library. One click and you will see a listing of every version of a slide since it was first uploaded into the system. The list includes a thumbnail image of each version along with the date the changes were made as well as the name of who made them.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to go back again — at least if you’re a SlideSource user. Sign up now for a free, full-featured subscription. Find out why SlideSource is the most advanced presentation management system available!

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