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SlideSource: New Year, New Features – Part 2

In part one of this series, we introduced readers to new features and improvements to SlideSource that help users find and organize their slides so that presentation creation and maintenance takes less time and requires fewer resources. In this post we will look at another set of recently deployed features and improvements that will help users stay informed about what’s happening with the slides and presentations in their libraries. These oversight tools can be very important when working in hectic collaborative environments. A screen capture gallery at the end of this article will provide additional details and give you a chance to see these innovative slide management capabilities in action.

Library Activity Reporting

This feature lets you and your team see the big picture whenever you need to. Clicking a link on the Library Management page creates an up-to-the-minute report that details:

  • The most recently edited slides and presentations along with the editor and the date the edits were made
  • The users who have accessed the library
  • How often each presentation has been downloaded
  • How many slides have been downloaded by each user

There is also an overview report providing a breakdown by week of the:

  • Number of slides uploaded
  • Number of slides edited
  • Number of users who have logged in
  • Number of users who have downloaded slides

This information is provided in a standard Excel workbook, so it can be easily shared and integrated into other documents and reports.

Slide Collection Change Alerts

The action subscription feature sends alerts detailing changes made to any slide in a slide collection. Users can subscribe to a daily summary of all changes. Users can also subscribe to immediate alerts that will be sent when changes they specified are made. These include:

  • Slides are edited
  • Slides are added to the library
  • Slide versions are approved or rejected
  • Slide properties are edited
  • Slides are pending approval
  • Items in folders are reorganized
  • Items are deleted
  • Deleted items are restored
  • Actions are undone or redone
  • Comments are posted

The user can subscribe to alerts for just one, or any number of these immediate alerts.

Slide and Presentation Change Alerts

Slide and presentations action subscriptions offer the same sort of alerts except they are focused on individual slides and presentations rather than on entire slide collections. This feature is useful when there is a slide or presentation that requires a more intense level of monitoring. And as with the slide collection alerts, users can receive a daily digest of all changes as well as instant alerts for the types of changes that they specify.

If you aren’t already a SlideSource user, now is a great time to sign up for a free account and give it a test drive. The free subscription has all of the features and capabilities of the paid subscription levels so you will be able to see exactly what makes SlideSource the most innovative and useful presentation management system available.

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