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Presentation Versioning in SlideSource

One of the central tenants of productive presentation collaboration is effective version control. supports version control of individual slides as well as version control of your presentations. This SlideSource Pointer highlights how to manage your presentation versions.

Working Copies

When you create a presentation and drag slides from your Slide Library to it, what you are doing is creating a working copy of your presentation. This working copy is automatically updated as the individual slides are updated. There are times, however, when you will want to save or lock a specific version of the presentation. When you save a version of your presentation that version will no longer be automatically updated if your slides continue to change. You might save a version to be presented to a specific audience or a version you reviewed at a meeting with senior management.


Selecting the Version of Slides to Include

2 - leftWhen building a presentation in SlideSource, the default mode is to always include the latest version of the slides in the presentation. By using the default mode, the working copy of your presentation will always show the most recent copy of any slides you have added to it. This means that as you continue to edit the individual slides, your presentation is always up to date.

There are times when you may want to choose a previous version of a slide to include in a presentation instead of the most current version.

To do this, just click on the Slide Version button and choose the version you want to use for the presentation. In the image to the left, version 1 of the slide is selected to be included in the presentation.

This slide will no longer be updated in the Working Copy of this presentation, even if the slide is edited in your Slide Library.

Usually, you will want your Working Copy to always reflect the current version, and then save versions of the presentation as a whole to lock in slide versions.


The slide and presentation versioning features in provide many options for keeping you in control as you develop and collaborate on your presentations.

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