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Slide Versioning in SlideSource

We believe your presentation content is a valuable asset. In other words, we think every slide really does count. Slides have a lifecycle. They are created, edited, used in a presentation, modified and used in other presentations, and eventually they are retired or replaced. SlideSource was developed to help you manage this lifecycle. At the heart of this lifecycle management is version control of both individual slides, of presentations themselves and the specific versions of slides used in different presentations. This may sound complex, but SlideSource makes it all pretty easy.

Slide Versioning

Slide versioning is accessed through the slide properties page. As you see below, the current version number is shown along with a link to the version history page. Notice that at the bottom you will see what presentations this current version of the slide is used in (click image to enlarge).


Click on the “view version history” link to see a thumbnail of the different versions of the slide available. In this case there are only two versions of this slide.


By clicking on either version you will see the properties page for that version including a list of any presentations that particular version of the slide is used in. You are also able to post comments about any version of your slides. Comments can be used to indicate what has changed on a specific version, or to suggest changes you would like to have made to a slide. Below is an example of a comment on a version.


Comments are a helpful way to collaborate and communicate on slide development. In an upcoming SlideSource Pointer email, we will focus specifically on presentation versioning and the options to choose specific versions of slides in presentations as well as how to lock or save certain versions while still maintaining access to a Working Copy that can be used for further editing.

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