Organize your slides and presentations like the pros. was developed over many years working with teams in some of the largest companies in the world who need to manage a large amount of presentation content. Now these same tools are available to every presenter.

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Countdown to Launch Day 2: Slide search that saves you time

countdown-day-506pxWith, you now have access to ALL the slides your organization has ever created, all in one place. Years of work culminating in hundreds of slides and presentations.

But how do you find the exact slide you need? Before SlideSource, you may have scoured every slide deck from the last five years, moving from PowerPoint file to PowerPoint file, from one computer to another, checking the network drives and the attachments on email after email.  And if this slow, manual searching didn’t turn up the slide you were looking for, well, you probably wasted time recreating it even though you know it already exists… somewhere.

But with SlideSource, you can search across your entire slide library by slide title, slide content, tags, and author, finding the perfect slide in seconds. is launching on January 13th! It’s a powerful, slide and presentation library that is intuitive and easy to use. Never lose a slide or version again. With you and your team will have all of your slides and presentations in a single secure place that’s accessible anywhere at any time.

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