Organize your slides and presentations like the pros. was developed over many years working with teams in some of the largest companies in the world who need to manage a large amount of presentation content. Now these same tools are available to every presenter.

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Offline Slide Editing with SlideSource

The “Big Idea” of SlideSource is that every slide counts. Every slide represents an investment of time and energy that should be managed throughout the life cycle of the slide. That is why SlideSource enables you to open your slides to edit them in PowerPoint and tracks the version history of both individual slides and presentations.

There are times when you will want to edit a batch of slides, or perhaps an entire presentation, offline but still want to maintain the version history of each individual slide in your library. SlideSource was designed with exactly this kind of productivity in mind. This post shows you how to edit offline and then update your library with your offline edits.

Offline Editing with SlideSource

SlideSource can only track version histories for slides that have first been uploaded to your library. When a slide is uploaded, a unique identifier is added to the slide metadata which will always be used to identify that slide, even if it is downloaded from the site.

To edit offline, download some slides by using any of the download options. In the example below, I have temporarily added slides to my slide tray and then dragged them to the PPT button (click image to enlarge).

Click for larger image.

Save the downloaded slides to your computer and open them in PowerPoint to edit as you normally would. When you are ready to update your Library slides with the offline edits, just upload the slides back to SlideSource using any of the upload options. After your slides are uploaded, SlideSource will let you know that it recognizes those slides as ones you already have in your library. You will then be able to decide what you want to do with them.


Select each slide (or all slides with Shift+Click) and then click on one of the available actions. If you choose “Apply Changes,” the existing slides in your library will be updated with these new versions and the previous version will be saved to the history. If you choose “Treat as New,” then the slides you selected will be turned into brand new slides in the library with brand new version histories. Of course, if some slides were included by accident in the file, you can choose to discard those slides. It is okay to include edited slides along with new slides in your upload as SlideSource will let you handle each separately.

Editing offline can make you and your team very productive without giving up the control of your slides that you have come to expect with

Sharing Presentations in SlideSource

The ability to quickly share slides or presentations in your library is a central feature of This post dives into a little more detail on sharing than we have before. We will focus specifically on how to turn sharing on for a specific presentation or version of a presentation. The presentation sharing feature enables you to quickly send a link to anyone so they can view or download your presentations, even if they don’t have an account with

Begin by navigating to a presentation you want to share. You can share the current working copy of your presentation, or select a specific version of the presentation you have previously saved.


The red text to the right of the Actions button tells you that the presentation is not currently shared. Now click on the Share button. The green box shows you that sharing is now on, and a link is now available for you to copy and distribute.


The sharing link leads to’s unique presentation sharing screen which can be viewed in any browser. At the sharing screen viewers can advance through the slides, view them in slide sorter mode and download individuals slides or the whole presentation.


Sharing your slides and presentations has never been easier or faster.

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