Organize your slides and presentations like the pros. was developed over many years working with teams in some of the largest companies in the world who need to manage a large amount of presentation content. Now these same tools are available to every presenter.

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Break Through PowerPoint Production Roadblocks

Staying competitive in almost any business or industry requires finding the most efficient way to get from the beginning of a task or project to its completion. We are constantly taking steps to find the quickest, most direct route from point A to point B.

Don't let production roadblocks slow you dwonWhen PCs, PowerPoint and digital projectors became widely available, it no longer made sense to shoot, develop, mount, and place physical, 35mm slides into a carousel in order to support a presentation.

But even though PowerPoint made the process of making presentations faster, more flexible, and more cost effective, it still has some room for improvement. There are limitations built into a PowerPoint-based workflow, can throw up big obstacles in your way when trying to create and maintain presentations as a team.

PowerPoint saves slides in a presentation or “deck” of slides. While you can apply version control to the whole presentation, there is no simple way to see how an individual slide has changed over time or who made those changes. There is no practical way to revert to an earlier version of a slide without scouring through past decks and then copying and pasting the old version into your current deck. There is also no record of which version of a slide is in any particular version of a slide deck.

If someone is working on a slide in a PowerPoint presentation, that deck is not (or should not) be available to other team members to edit in at the same time. Unless, that is, multiple people are working on the same file at the same time, which often happens and almost always creates version control nightmares for everyone.

Another big roadblock to productivity occurs when the same slide is used in different presentations. If the slide is updated, it has to be tracked down in every version of every presentation that uses that slide or you risk being surprised by an old version of a slide popping up in the middle of your presentation. PowerPoint doesn’t provide a way to link multiple instances of the same slides across files.

How do you breakthrough PowerPoint productivity roadblocks? The best way is to use a collaborative presentation management tool like

With, you upload your existing presentation files into a secure library where all your presentations are maintained as individual slides that can be easily organized into folders.

The really great part is that every version of every slide is retained so it’s simple to see how a slide has evolved overtime and you can revert to a previous version at any time. Properties such has who made a change and when it was made are also recorded and retained for each version of every slide.

Presentations are built within using an intuitive drag and drop interface, or created automatically when you upload files. When you look at a slide’s properties, you will see a list of every presentation (and each version of a presentation) that includes that slide. Best of all, whenever slides are updated it is also automatically updated in every presentation they are in.

Working on a slide no longer means getting in the way of everyone else that needs to work on the presentation at the same time because you no longer need to lock the entire file for your exclusive access. This means that a presentation with 100 slides could potentially have 100 people working on it at the same time.

PowerPoint eradicated many, many roadblocks that once slowed the presentation creation process down to what we would now consider an intolerable crawl. Compared to the speed of current technology, it was a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam that many people working today don’t even remember and can barely imagine.

But managing slides and presentations can still be quite a challenge for teams who deal with a lot of presentation content. If you find yourself blocked or frustrated by production roadblocks…. give a try for free and see how fast you and your team can really go.

SlideSource at the 2015 Presentation Summit

The team is excited to announce that we will again be participating in Rick Altman’s Presentation Summit.  This year’s Summit is taking place in New Orleans, starting on September 27th and running through the 30th.

Rick Altman, the Presentation Summit's Illustrious Host

Rick Altman, the Presentation Summit’s Illustrious Host

If your job involves creating presentations at any level, in any industry, you should consider joining us there. No other conference comes even close to the Summit in providing high-impact learning experiences. You will also have an opportunity to network with a uniquely knowledgeable and generous community. is proud be a Platinum Sponsor this year and Bob Befus will be giving a technical seminar. Details about his presentation will follow shortly.

If you are already planning on attending and would like to schedule a personal demonstration of, email us at

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

SlideSource turns 6 (months that is)

It’s hard to believe, but went live and became available to the public six months ago. After more than 20,000 slides have been added to SlideSource, we can say the response has been amazing. It’s been really exciting to be able to bring the industry’s most innovative and easy-to-use slide and presentation library solution to PowerPoint users everywhere.

We’ve spent the last six months fine tuning the tool, improving performance and, most importantly, talking to customers. Last week, we updated the site with a number of improvements. Many of these were on the back-end, but users will also notice a number of  other important changes. Chat is now available at any time, so help is just a few keystrokes away. The upload function has been improved. If you are a Mac user, you can now open your slides directly from PowerPoint on the Mac (Safari and Chrome browsers) rather than downloading first.

We’re also excited to announce a number changes to the SlideSource subscription plans. These changes add flexibility and make it easier to start a subscription if you have just a few users. Each plan is now based primarily on the number of users who will need access to your library. You can then fine tune your subscription plan (and its monthly cost) to meet your needs by specifying the maximum number of slides your library will contain.


All plans include…

  • Unlimited slide collections within your library
  • Advanced permissions control
  • Live phone support
  • Our unique system for securely sharing your presentations with colleagues, collaborators, and audiences who don’t have their own subscriptions
  • The ability to raise and lower subscription level and limits at any time

… as well as all of the other great system features that make the most innovative and efficient tool for managing your PowerPoint slides and presentations.

If you aren’t already a user, now is a great time to sign up for a free account and give it a try. The free subscription has all of the features and capabilities of the paid subscription levels so you will be able to see exactly what makes the most innovative and useful presentation management system available.